The discussion forum: an interactive online platform for rehabilitation and participation laws 

This site is the home of the online platform for the application and development of rehabilitation and participation law in Germany: "Diskussionsforum Rehabilitations- und Teilhaberecht".

The site's language ist German since it focuses on German laws, but selected information on related international law aspects is offered in English.

Please don't hesitate to contact our team for more information on the platform.

Basic facts


The online platform has been developed since 2003 from a former project by Institut für Qualitätssicherung in Prävention und Rehabilitation (IQPR) together with academic and professional cooperation partners. Since 2010 the discussion forum was implemented as a website based project and further enhanced as an interactive platform for interdisciplinary exchange on social laws utilizing new social media and web tools enabling users to comment on contents.

Project management agency:

German Association for Rehabilitation (Deutsche Vereinigung für Rehabilitation – DVfR) since 2010

Academic and professional partners (multidisciplinary):

  • University of Kassel
  • University of Halle/Saale
  • Center for Social research Halle/Saale
  • Humboldt University Berlin
  • Editorial board, additional project advisory board


  • Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs based on a decision of the German Federal Parliament, the German Bundestag (since 2016 regular service of DVfR)
  • equalisation fee in accordance with the German Severely Handicapped Act (project regarding German Social Law – "Federal Participation Law")

Information in English

In the scientific section (Fachbeiträge) english articles are scarce, but international content is provided in the information center, filtered by "Internationales": Infothek.

Here are some selected articles in English and/or with links to English content:

COVID-19: Demands to authorities from the European Disability Forum (24.03.2020)

Rehabilitation International: World Congress 2020 in Denmark (17.12.2019)

ILO Policy Brief: Persons with disabilities in a just transition to a low-carbon economy (14.11.2019)

Position Paper on Sign Language Interpreting and international technological developments (03.07.2019)

Guidelines for EU member states on improving the collection and use of equality data and Compedium of Practices (24.05.2019)

Return-to-Work and Rehabilitation in Science and Politics – documentation of project sessions at the 15th Congress of the European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation – EFRR (15.–17.04.2019)

European Union adopts European Accessibility Act (11.04.2019)

EESC - Protecting women and girls with disabilities against discrimination (13.08.2018)

European Blind Union calls for a greater commitment to the European Accessibility Act (05.07.2018)

European Parliament draft report (2017/2277 (INI)) on pathways for the reintegration of workers recovering from injury and illness into quality employment (29.05.2018)

European Blind Union publishes position paper and analysis for European Accessibility Act (EAA) trilogue negotiations (28.02.2018)

Grigoryan, Review Çam v. Turkey, Annotations to EGMR 23.02.2016 – 51500/08 (Scientific Article A6-2017, 19.12.2017)

UN-Council publishes Draft General Comment on Article 5 CRPD - Call for Submissions (06.10.2017)

RWI study on the labour market situation for older informal caregivers (RUHR economic paper #703) (30.08.2017)

Formation of EUCIE - The European Confederation of Inclusive Enterprises (15.08.2017)

Council of Europe adopts resolution for more political participation of persons with disabilities (15.03.2017)

"Inclusion Counts. The Economic Case for Disability-Inclusive Development", German version for publication series Disability-Inclusive Development (DID, 20.01.2017)

Aichele still sees a great need to reduce barriers even after 10 years of UN-CRPD (14.12.2016)

Web accessibility directive passed by EU-Parliament (08.11.2016)

Report on Annual Conference on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Scientific Article D45-2016)

"The right to work": International conference on the right to work for persons with disabilities (11.10.2016)

EU campaign "Patients rights have no borders" (09.03.2016)

Proposal on European Disability Act - Factsheet (03.12.2015)

EU in dialogue UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (15.09.2015)

Resolution of  European Parliament on the List of Issues adopted by the UN CRPD (25.05.2015)

German Parallel Report to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (09.03.2015)

Social Security compass Europe (30.01.2015)

WHO action plan "Better health for all people with disability" (25.05.2014)

National Social Report 2014 - Germany - (01.04.2014)

Germany’s first UN Audit on the Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (01.02.2014)

Thematic study on the right of persons with disabilities to live independently and be included in the community (17.12.2012)

WHO World Report on Disability (14.10.2011)

Users are invited to comment articles in both the information center and in the portal area for scientific articles.

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