The following examples highlight only some of the current challenges of German rehabilitation laws in need for discussion:

2001: German Social Code Book IX (Sozialgesetzbuch, SGB IX)

  • controversies of the German social law deal among others with the relationship of SGB IX to individual benefit laws of the social insurance/social welfare
  • other issues result from the vagueness in handling interfaces of social law regulations with those of other legal areas and secondary legislation
  • there is no standardized legal practice - and only a scarcity of supreme court decisions in many areas
  • the German subdivided system involves different  players and disciplines in the rehabilitation process

2009: German Ratification of CRPD

  • National Action Plan (2011, 2016)

2016-2020: German Federal Participation Law

  • including reforms of Social Code Book IX, part of the social welfare law (Social code Book XII: integration help for persons with disabilities) and other laws

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