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DVfR accompanies the current reform process of German rehabilitation laws with the publicly funded cooperation project "Participatory Monitoring of the Current Development in Rehabilitation and Participation Law until 2021" (German: "Partizipatives Monitoring der aktuellen Entwicklung des Rehabilitations- und Teilhaberechts bis 2021").

With a focus on work-life participation the project aims to monitor, analyse and comment the legislative process for the new federal participation act (Bundesteilhabegesetz/BTHG) in the following aspects:

  • application of laws in administration and legal practice
  • results of new and persisting regulations in practice

DVfR collaborates with partners at Humboldt University of Berlin, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg and the University of Kassel as well as the Centre for Social Research Halle (ZSH) to monitor the development of  legislation in rehabilitation and participation laws with new research topics.

The results are published regularly by way of interdisciplinary scientific articles. Online discussions are held on key issues.

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